Missing a tooth yet you are not ready for an implant?  We get it, there are many factors to getting a tooth replaced.  Cost being one of them.  What about a bridge you ask?  A bridge can be a great option however they are usually the most invasive option to replace a missing tooth.  The least invasive option is to have a denture that comes in an out, but those can be cumbersome as well.

So what other options you have?  You may want to ask your dentist about a Maryland bridge.  A maryland bridge can be a great option to replace a front tooth that requires very little or in this case, no drilling.  There is usually a wing attached to one or both sides of the replacement tooth and it is bonded to the adjacent teeth.  These can be great short or long term temporaries that allow for the spacing to be maintained between the teeth so you can always have the option to pursue an implant whenever you are ready.  Feel free to contact the office to see if you are an ideal candidate for this conservative, cost effective, yet esthetic missing single tooth replacement option.  

maryland bridge
missing tooth replacement with maryland bridge