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Oral Health During Pregnancy Tips

Oral Health During Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy can be pretty daunting for new and existing mothers.  The body goes through some significant temporary changes and the status of your oral health is usually one of them.  Some of the common conditions that occur during pregnancy are the following

1.  Gum disease- During pregnancy, more attention than usual needs to be given to your teeth and gums.  Brushing twice daily, flossing once a day will keep gum disease at bay.  Pregnancy gingivitis (swollen easily bleeding gums) is very common, but regular home maintenance and two, maybe even three visits to your dentist office for a cleaning can help.  

2. Enamel erosion- Morning sickness which is common with pregnancy aside from causing the nausea, the acid if not buffered by rinsing with water or fluoride mouthwash can cause enamel to erode away.  

3.  Dry mouth- Be sure to drink plenty of water during pregnancy.  A dry mouth decreases your body's natural way of buffering and so it places you at higher risk for decay and erosion.  

In our practice, we recommend all women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant to be on a three month recall, as there is research evidence linking periodontal disease and risk of complications with pregnancy.  If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant and have more questions about oral health maintenance during these times, don't hesitate to reach our to the office at 310-929-7200 or you can email Dr. Lawrence at